About Us

Katsura Gardens is a family owned and operated nursery in Plymouth, Massachusetts with the area’s broadest selection of rare and extraordinary plants grown right here in America’s Hometown, with some varieties shipped to us from the finest growers in the country. Our inventory boasts an extensive selection of dwarf conifers, Japanese maples, specimen plants, ginkgos, and unusual ornamental grasses and trees.

Katsura Gardens owner and operator John Gallant has extensive knowledge of each of the species found at his nursery and will help you choose the perfect plant for your project. Visit our helpful library of plants and their properties available at Katsura Gardens or browse the grounds of our nursery to see and experience the beauty of our unparalleled inventory yourself.

Katsura Gardens can also help you redesign and redevelop any outdoor space with our high-quality plants and garden design expertise. With our creative consulting and complete installation services, we can transform any space into an exotic and exceptional landscape that will delight and amaze visitors. John’s designs can be found throughout the region on private, corporate, and municipal properties, taking these landscapes from ordinary to extraordinary. Design a one-of-a-kind garden today!